Why We Love Ice Moms May 10 2015

"Behind every great figure skater is a really great Mom"

Moms. What would we ever do without them? Is there anything that they won't do for us? Nope they do everything and anything it takes.

1. Alarm Clock. Waking up isn't easy, Mom's make it easier.

2. Chaffeur. From five minutes to the local rink or five hours to a competition, Mom's drive us where we need to be.

3. Hair Dresser. Vidal Sassoon has nothing on Mom's

4. Costume Designer. Nor does Coco Chanel

5. Banker. We understandthat figure skating is not free. We just don't really know how not free it is thanks to Moms

6. Coach. sure we've got other coaches, but Moms  always have a few good tips.

7. Emotional Support. This is what Mom's are best at. Whether it is a congratulatory kiss or a shoulder to cry on, Mom's know exactly what to do.

Thanks to all the great skating Moms out there. We couldn't do much without you.